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          Qingdao Haixi Zhonghui Machinery Co. Ltd. is located in Qingdao Industrial Park China Wangtaipu town Huangdao District, superior geographical environment, sea, land and air traffic is very convenient.
          The core value of company is the concept of "creating value for customers", "innovation, quality, management, talent as the core competitiveness, adhering to the" quality first, service first, integrity management, technology leading "business philosophy. The company has a world-class CNC machining equipment and testing equipment, strong technical force, spare parts and well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, research institutes and universities in close cooperation, R & D and production to adapt to the market demand for water jet loom, air jet loom.
          The company mainly produces "shareglory" brand ZH851 series, ZH408 series, ZHW418 series, ZHW8100 four series, water jet loom more than 30 specifications and the "public" brand ZH air-jet loom, can be equipped with crank opening device, cam opening device, dobby device, jacquard device, vertical type double beam loom, weft from mechanical to electronic single spray six mechanical spray, width of 150cm-360cm, to meet the different requirements of fabric.
          In addition to the current has a larger market share in China, our products have been exported to Turkey, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Korea and other Southeast Asian countries, excellent quality, good reputation and perfect customer service service by domestic and foreign merchants praise